The Methodology

Me.M.O.TM stands for MultiHolistic Methodology (from the Italian "Metodologia MultiOlistica"), an innovative concept created and developed by Renato Bonanni in 2005 and based on the assumption that

creativity and business enhance each other and their integration leads to great results.

The meaning of Me.M.O.TM comes out better through an example:

Business "blu suite" men often think that creative approach only deals with game and doesn't match with revenues.
"Genial artists" often consider business and organization as bad words.

Both of them are completely wrong!

Not innovative managers and not organized artists cannot use their potential in a very effective way because each of them lacks something.

The "magic recipe" is to drop down cultural barriers and prejudices and to start mixing freely strengthen and peculiarities of both business and creativity areas.


At the end, let's say that Me.M.O.TM extends the meaning of potential and skill:
MultiHolistic People, in their life and work, do and capitalise what they do best and what they like most!

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