My Opinion by an exotic solution

Today, after a lot of time (I excuse of it) memory that I was intended me to write two lines on these pages. I know, my English won't be of the best, and I didn't want to do but, to make the errors to the correctness I do, the grammatical correctness would not be right to exist without.

I don't want to write something on the done olismo in adherence to the marketing as an it idea but as an it feels of trust in own means to face anything that needs mental and physical appointment.
Not always evidently, in to face a problem of job resolves it "traditionally." With probability we make us to take from the hurry to resolve it without analyzing it, without reducing it to the minimum denominator, to take his parts, to resolve, and putting again together the pieces we will get a solution of greater effectiveness that the problem doesn't annul but it crushes and it returns us a plus positive value.
The traditional method of the resolution doesn't perhaps include any exotic attitudes what: the vision of the problem from a point of view "by lateral side"
that is the partial transcendence from the materialism, from the closed daily inside own job. The opening (marvelous verb) to new relativism is necessary to have a detached vision and not immediately involve-in to the consequences of the problem. This separation helps to take a problem to pieces and to make it easy the solution.
We could recall our adaptabilities of character from the leisure time, therefore to use that return of serenity that we have when we play tennis or we look at the stars to the telescope (if they are these our relaxations). This "stratagem or trick" it relieves us from the stress of the moment and it makes us clear the situation, and more, from what part to begin to decompose.
In other words, conclude, if have a problem that is worth -10, will decompose in 10 depart equal and every piece will easily be resolved, putting again in order the resolved pieces, will get a solution that is worth +5!
The sum of the total positive is greater of its parts!

Grazie massimoRed

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