A World of Creativity & business.

The idea of creativity and business together is something natural to me, probably not to many people, but coming across the M.e.M.O.Lab confirms my idea of state of being.
As a professional photographer, and someone who wants to do cinema, nothing more than these two professions prove right this method.
Most especially in the film industry, which is both art and business, there is no barrier between the two, instead, they blish into each other.
When an idea for a film is born, and the script is written, the creativity calls on the business to look for funds to realise the film.
The business goes out to the banks or other productions, single multi joint ventures to realise the film.
Then when the finance is found, the business turns back to creativity to choose the best film director, casting agency, actors/actresses, and all that is involved to create a good product for Cinema or Television.
When the creativity section had finished, and comes up with with a trailer for the film, then the ball bounces again into the business' court, for the release. Press releases, confereces, advertisement on all media are prepared, and ready for distributions
If there is success, this is due to the collaboration between the creativity and the business together. Their mixing, without barrier, and proper distinction is the Method MultiOlistica, a totally new idea of doing things.

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